We are a group of people who are passionate about making a lasting difference in our world, by bringing hope and life to vulnerable people and situations of injustice, both locally in New Zealand and internationally. We have a mandate to train, empower, envision, and equip others to make a difference in the world around them too. Have a look at our Justice-Focused Discipleship Training School (JDTS) or our foster care support initiative - Ahi Toi Toi Manawa, to see how you can join with others in seeking justice for the vulnerable and marginalised.

"When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and vulnerable in our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up - and that we showed up on time." Gary Haugen, IJMThe Good News About Injustice


Patty Carlson, Founder

Justice Reach began in 2010 and initially was focused on children trapped in sexual slavery. In 2017 we expanded our vision to focus more on vulnerable children in a larger sense, and work hard to help in the prevention of abuse and exploitation through a number of different ventures.

In April 2013, we launched our first Justice focused Discipleship Training School (JDTS), and continue to run these schools annually in order for young adults to wrestle with some hard questions about God and injustice. We talk about topics sometimes followers of Jesus shy away from like: where is God in the middle of suffering? We try to create a safe place to tackle some of these issues in order to better understand God's heart for a hurting world. Our JDTS is focused on a wide variety of injustice issues impacting our world today.

One of our main focus areas as a ministry is supporting foster care to reduce the vulnerability of children. "Ahi Toitoi Manawa" is our initiative to provide fun activities for the kids, respite for foster parents, kids’ camps during school holidays and generally supporting the foster care community.

We believe every individual has a part to play -- something he or she was designed for and can be equipped to do -- as we all live out our mandate, as the body of Christ, to DO justice, LOVE mercy, and WALK HUMBLY with our God (Micah 6:8).

Patty Carlson
Founder - Justice Reach