Each of us bring something to the table when it comes to fighting injustice. Here are some ways Justice Reach can help YOU get involved:


We run a Justice DTS (see the DTS page for details) for anyone between the ages of 18-35ish who wants to know God's heart concerning justice, and how we, as Believers, can tangibly live that out. There is a targeted focus within the DTS into the areas of all kinds of injustice, and we believe it can be an excellent launching pad for you to start figuring out what God may have for you to do in the future! The DTS is about 5 months long, and has 3-months in the classroom, and then 2 months on outreach in another nation.


Ahi Toitoi Manawa is our initiative to provide fun activities for kids in foster care, respite for foster parents, kids camps during school holidays and generally supporting the foster care community in Tauranga. Our mission is to help children learn more about God’s love in an environment that encourages curiosity, bravery, kindness and growth all because we want to see children know God’s love and restore relationships. For more information "click here".


We offer another outreach opportunity to Cambodia once a year, (see Outreach details) towards the end of the calendar year, so that you can GO. Why is it important to go? Because it's different than just listening to someone tell you about it. It's different than watching a video. If you agree to GO... to be IN the places of real need... walking the same streets, smelling the smells, experiencing the culture first-hand, hearing the survivor's stories, and helping those who are ministry staff committed for the long haul... it will change you. It's actually easy to write a check. But when you are willing to personally invest your time, and allow God to change your world view and your perception, that's when real change occurs. We want to take you on a journey - not as a sightseer or tourist - but as one who can really make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering.


Justice Nights happen once every quarter (see details on JN page). This is an awesome way to come and learn something new, bring your friends, and spend time with like-minded people in order to begin to understand areas of injustice that may or may not be familiar with you - or that you are personally passionate about already. It's a night for awareness, discussion, and networking. This night is open to all those interested, living in the Tauranga, NZ community.


We are also available to speak at conferences, churches, Bible Studies, youth groups, children's church, community groups, schools, etc. For more information, or to request us to speak, please use the contact form provided in the "contact us" section.


Twice a year we run a Transformational Development Seminar in Tauranga. Complete transformation comes when we address not only material needs, but also spiritual poverty through partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing truth to the individual, family, community and nation. This seminar will look at God’s heart for the vulnerable and how we can respond with strategies aligned to His original design to bring about restoration. We will also explore the vital role of the Church in the process of community transformation and give practical tools for those extending biblical compassion to the vulnerable in their communities. For more information "click here".