You can watch a documentary, read a book, or see a Hollywood movie about human trafficking, but there is nothing more powerful and life changing than going yourself to an area of the world steeped in this particular stench of evil.  We want to offer opportunities to come with us and see for yourself the faces of individuals and hear personal stories from those who have not only been trapped in slavery, but through the amazing efforts of our partner ministries, have also found freedom and hope in Jesus Christ.  Our desire is not for you to be shocked or emotionally moved, but to be challenged and provoked to action.

Here is what our last team had to say about their trip with us to Cambodia:

Outreach team with AIM staff

"Chum Reap Suor! Hello!

In August we had the incredible privilege of serving in Cambodia at Agape International Mission (AIM). We travelled with Jolanda from Justice Reach (YWAM), Tauranga. Patty Carlson, the founding director, who attends our church had touched our hearts on the issue of families selling their own children into sex trafficking.

AIM’s anti-sex trafficking projects aim to prevent, rescue, restore and reintegrate – impacting more than 10,000 people a year. AIM demonstrates “love in action” transforming the community through free medical clinics, a school and employment centres and an investigation team.

The first week’s work was a Bible based kids club for over 100 children aged 3-10 years. The risk of these children being trafficked is frighteningly high so coming to AIM is a safe, fun and loving environment for them to be in. We were also able to bless 318 families who work in brick factories with bags of rice and had the opportunity to do devotions with them. In our second week we were painting counselling rooms in AIM’s Restoration Home.

AIM Brick Factory

Justice Reach organised a life-changing experience for us and we saw God’s hand in so many ways during our time in Cambodia. When we needed strength and encouragement God gave us Psalm 139 – check it out it’s a good one!

If your heart also cries out for children who deserve better join the next mission outreach late 2016 to Cambodia with Justice Reach. You won’t regret it."

* Please note that these outreaches are currently only being offered to those living in Tauranga, NZ.

AIM Kid’s club prayer tree
Our next outreach to Cambodia

Date:  TBA

Cost: Approximately $2,800 NZD

If you're interested in coming along, please contact us for more information: teams@justicereachnz.org