Justice DTS
21 January 2019 - 8 June 2019
20 January 2020 - 6 June 2020
Lecture Phase . . . . . . . . .$5,500 NZD
Outreach Phase . . . . . . . $4,800 NZD
Our fees are INCLUSIVE, please see details below.

JUSTICE-FOCUSED Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Do you want to know God more deeply - I mean REALLY know him? Do you have a heart that gets fired up about injustice, but feel frustrated because you aren't quite sure what you can DO about it? If your answer is yes to both those questions - this DTS is for you!

During the lecture phase of our school the main focus is your relationship with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. At the end of the day - THIS is what matters. Everything else pales in comparison.

In The Mornings...

In the mornings we are in the classroom talking about topics like Hearing God's Voice, the Father-heart of God, Relationships, Identity, Worship and Intercession, to name a few. This time is set aside for you to experience on a deeper level how much God loves you and how much God is FOR you. This is usually a very transforming time, and can bring new depths of revelation and insight that can change the trajectory of your life! It's only when we have a good grasp of God's love for us personally that we can offer hope and healing to a hurting world.

In The Afternoons...

We will be spending focused time twice a week in the afternoons talking about injustice issues like human trafficking, foster care, poverty, genocide, child soldiers, gender inequality, the persecuted church, and refugees - to name a few. We will also dig into the Bible in order to understand God's heart for justice. This is one of our favourite times of the week, because our expectation is that you will learn about some injustice issues you may not know are going on in the world. More importantly, our hope is that you understand how Jesus' love can impact the most vulnerable through you!

This DTS is your opportunity to learn more about yourself, about God, about injustice, and about how YOU can change your world… one person at a time. Are you in? This is 5 months that may change the rest of your life!

Here's what one of our students had to say at the end of lecture phase: "Being in a Justice DTS, I am also more disturbed by the injustices that scatter this earth than I ever have been before. Each week we have been studying various injustices. From child soldiers to sex slavery, to fair trade products and genocides. These last 3 months have challenged me in a way I never would have imagined. I have been stretched, broken, ripped apart by all of these things. But if anything, it has birthed a fire, a burning passion within me to pursue justice and bring hope to those without hope. Because at the end of the day, I don’t know if I would be satisfied doing anything other than pursuing justice."


In Justice Reach we do outreach a little differently. We are 100% committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of those who are the most vulnerable; those who are being exploited and abused. How we do that is where we are a bit different.

We focus our efforts coming along-side those who are the ministry front-liners committed to fight against injustice within their particular nation. Our goal is to practically support them so they feel encouraged and energised to do what God has called them to do for the long haul. It's so awesome to be able to hear first-hand what their work is like, and how God is making a difference through them tangibly to those trapped in the web of injustice and abuse. By making a difference for THEM -- we make a difference in the lives of those they minister to every single day.

So don't expect to get some "amazing selfies with poor children" that will look good in your newsletter -- but expect to invest in a way that is long-lasting and meaningful by simply being obedient to what God is asking us to do to help. THAT is radical. THAT is what outreach is all about.

*Main outreach focus area is: Southeast Asia. Sometimes God changes it up on us though, so please remain open to locations being chosen for your particular school outside this focus area.


Please go to the "Pay" tab at the top of the page to pay DTS fees.

Fees are quoted in New Zealand Dollars. You can check the amount at xe.com to see the approximate amount you would be charged on that day in US Dollars, or your local currency. *The exchange amount will be dependent on the exchange rate of the day payment is received. Any adjustments to the amount you owe will be made when you arrive.

Lecture Phase fees are INCLUSIVE of tuition, accommodation, food costs, one school trip and all school-related transportation.

Outreach Phase fees include air tickets and ground fees (accommodation, meals and outreach transportation). The outreach fees may vary depending on the cost of air tickets. Any travel outside the Southeast Asia area may require a higher amount to be paid for the air tickets. There will potentially be extra costs for visas, and any required immunisations.

Please note for couples, all fees are per person.


Once a week we will watch a justice-based movie or documentary directly related to our justice topic of the week and process it together afterwards. These are great times of discussion, taking on some hard issues that don't have easy answers or solutions.

We also have some fun times planned! Being a summer school, we will be going to the beach as much as possible in our free time on the weekends! NZ summer is the BEST!!

We also have an all-school trip planned to the Coromandel Peninsula which is one of the most gorgeous places on earth! We will be spending time at Cathedral Cove, which is where a few scenes from Prince Caspian was filmed (for any of you Chronicles of Narnia fans). We will also stop by a place called "hot water beach". We have to get the timing right on that one, because it's all about the tides!

Hobbiton is only 45 minutes away from us, so you may want to plan on having some extra money available so you can go there on one of your days off. It is awesome - even if you aren't a LOTR fan!

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your time with us!!

Patty CarlsonJustice Reach Founder and Training Director

Hi everybody! I'm Patty and I am the Training Director for our DTS. I'm an American, but have lived in NZ forever it seems, and this is HOME. I can't tell you how excited I am for this coming school!! We have some great adventures in store for you, and hopefully you'll have some unforgettable moments with God!! Our DTS leaders and staff team are amazing! You're in very good hands. Looking forward to meeting you!

Ben ClayfieldSchool Leader

Hey everyone, my name is Ben. My beautiful wife Nai(Naomi) and I are from a city called Gloucester in the UK and are so excited to be in New Zealand, staffing with Justice Reach, and getting to meet all of you! We completed the Justice DTS here at the end of May 2015, and staffed the last three Justice DTS's. We've spent the last few months working hard, preparing for this coming DTS! I have a heart for worship and recently God has also been increasing my heart for justice, for prayer, and His Kingdom. I'm really looking forward to exploring with you all how worship, prayer and justice can all work together. Come ready to make the most of every opportunity!

Naomi ClayfieldSchool Leader

Hi! My name is Naomi, most people call me Nai. Ben, my wonderful husband of 8 years, and I are from England. We had a crazy adventure in January 2015 doing the Justice DTS here in Tauranga. And we've not left since! I'm passionate about God and as a result Justice! My heart is particularly for the prevention of trafficking and for vulnerable young women to know their identity and worth in God. I also long to see the church envisioned and equipped to bring justice to their communities. I love travelling, tasty food, and worship/music sessions with Ben. I'm so looking forward to meeting you and sharing this journey with you. Get ready, it's gonna be wild! Praying for you and supporting you all the way!

Debbie UsserySchool Staff

Debbie Ussery: Avid sock wearer, prayer and worship enthusiast, ice cream connoisseur, activist for freedom,teller of stories, wanderer of earth, winner of numerous participation ribbons, and lover of grace! I'm from the United States and did my Justice DTS in 2015. I'm assuming and hoping you're doing yours whenever next available. If not, you should pray on that; the application is certainly only a few clicks away. God did, and is still doing, so much in and through me as a result of the five months dedicated to knowing Him and making Him known. He will, without a doubt, do so with you as well! I am excited to meet you, walk in that journey, and see God's kingdom expanding with you soon!

Jolanda DatemaJustice Reach Staff/ DTS Registrar

My name is Jolanda and I'm from the Netherlands. Best decision ever: coming to NZ many years ago now! My passions in life are fighting injustice, traveling, board games, tennis, admin stuff, chocolate and full cream milk :) Are you ready for the adventure of your life? I'm excited to see what God has in store for you!